We can all learn from the Mosque that invited the EDL to tea – by Roidh Andrasan

Here’s an article I wrote for Resistance & Renewal. Hope you like it.

Grace + Truth

EDLIn the city of York, in North Yorkshire, England, a demonstration was planned by members of the far-right English Defence League (EDL) against a small local mosque in response to the brutal murder of Lee Rigby in London. But the EDL protestors were met with a rather different response than what they expected. The mosque offered their assailants teas, biscuits, a tour of their mosque and even a football match.

This is a rather different projection of Islamic behaviour than is often portrayed in the media. But I think it’s a brilliant demonstration of the fact that people of all faiths, whether its Christian, Muslim, Jewish, have good within them.

Dr John Sentamu, Archbishop of York described the mosque’s response as “fantastic”. He said:

“Tea, biscuits, and football are a great and typically Yorkshire combination when it comes to disarming hostile and extremist views.”

The mosque’s response brings into sight…

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